Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fuzzies For Sale

I currently have two fuzzies for sale they would make an outstanding breeding pair.  Check them out if you would like more information please e-mail me at 

I am only selling these two because I need to make room for upcoming jrs... so here is your chance to get some really nice fuzzies!

PFF's Short Stack, Tort Sr Buck $75
DOB: 2/17/07 (PFF's Short Stop, 12 Legs) X (Papacoasta's Mesa, Fuzzy Holland, 4 Legs)
Short Stack is a very cute well balanced buck. Cute head, nice short thick ears, nice short compact deep body. A bit narrow in the shoulder not bad though. Very eager and ready to breed smaller buck at around 3 pounds. (pictured at right)

PFF's Toni's Angel Brkn Tort Sr Doe 2 Legs (Class Win day after nationals 2006 & a BOSV) $100
DOB: 8/26/06 (Sky High HotStuff, 8 Legs) X PFF's Elvis' Ekko
Toni was a wonderful show doe in her time. She got streched in the eye, I assure you it is not an eye stop... but because of her eye injury she has been a stay at home mom... her kids have won countless legs and a RIS for there new onwers. It is just time for me to move her on. Wonderful doe head, nice ear placement. WIDE deep body all the way down to the table, wonderful doe.

Will sell as a pair for $150 

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Baby Boom Has Started

Well my first litters of convention jrs are just being born and things are going great... but we still have a lot more to come so keep checking back...

PFF's Cruzer (Black, 1 Leg) X PFF's Alley (Broken Black)
DOB: 5/8/08 5 Kits (4 Black, 1 Broken Black)

AK's Farmer (Blue) X AK's Blush (Blue Tort)
DOB: 5/9/08 4 Kits (3 Blue Torts, 1 Blue)

PFF/AK's Connor (Brkn Tort) X PFF's Toni's Angel (Brkn Tort, 2 Legs)
DOB: 5/9/08 2 Kits (Brkn Torts)

PFF's Spencer (Brkn Black, 30 Legs) X PFF's Precious One (Brkn Tort)
DOB: 5/10/08 3 Kits (2 Blacks 1 Brkn Black)

PFF's Cruzer (Black, 1 Leg) X AK's Flutter (Tort)
DOB: 5/10/08 4 Kits (1 Black, 3 Torts or REW)

Pictures will be posted as they get older

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Stockton Wins

There was a great turn out at the show in Stockton yesterday, 30 open Fuzzies

I have really nothing to show right now because all of my does are bred, so my mom and I decided to go for the fun of it and just to hang out with friends.  So I only brought three rabbits and it went very well

PFF's Charlie Brown, SSB 1/6, BOV
PFF's Jamie, SJD 1/3
PFF's Spencer, BSB 2/6

Show B:
PFF's Charlie Brown, SSB 3/7
PFF's Jamie, SJD BOSV & BOSB!!!
     PFF's Spencer, BSB 2/6

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Winners at Merced

CRCS held a double open and double youth show in Merced on 4/26.  I had no plans to go because I really don't have that much to show right now because all my does are bred.  A fellow rabbit friend asked me to go so I though a show entry together with what rabbits I had... a while it was a small show it was still fun.

Show A:
BOB = PFF's Cruzer, SSB
BOSB = PFF's Jamie, SJD

Show B:
BOB = PFF's Spencer, BSB (earning his 30th Leg)
BOSB = PFF's Mouse, BSD

Monday, April 21, 2008

Convention Breedings = Complete

I breed three more does today

PFF's Short Stop (Tort, 12 Legs) X PFF's Destiny (Tort, 1 Leg)
PFF's Apple Jax (Black, 8 Legs) X PFF's Lilly (Brkn Tort, 2 Legs)
PFF's Spencer (Brkn Black, 29 Legs) X PFF's Elvis' Ekko (Black)

All breedings are done so check back here in the first part of May to see the babies that will start to be born!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Convention Breedings... Continued

More convention breeding.  Can you tell I am excited and want lots of babies?

Bred April 15, 2008
PFF's Short Stop (Tort, 12 Legs) X AK's Maggie (Brkn Tort)
PFF's Singleton (Black, 1 Leg) X MG's Bella Trix (Brkn Tort, 1 Leg)
PFF's Spencer (Brkn Black, 29 Legs) X Ferchud's Morticia (Black, 1 Leg)
PFF's Apple Jax (Black, 8 Legs) X FH's Jewel (Black, 2 Legs)
PFF's Charlie Brown (Tort, 8 Legs) X PFF/AK's Bella (Brkn Tort)

Bred April 16, 2008
PFF's Cruzer (Black) X PFF/AK's Pazzaz (Brkn Bllue Tort, 16 Legs)
Starlite's Tommy (Black) X PFF's Dream (Tort, 4 Legs)
PFF/AK's Hampton (Brkn Sable Point) X PFF's Kimberly (Brkn Sable Point, 4 Legs)
AK's Farmer (Blue) X PFF's Diva (Brkn Blue, 1 Leg)

I will be breeding 4 more does on April 22nd and then I will just be waiting for the babies to arrive

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cow Palace show weekend wins

This weekend showing at Cow Palace was a blast.... 2 shows Saturday... 2 Shows Sunday
Here is how we did short and sweet results
Saturday Show A:
PFF's Spencer wins BOSB
Saturday Show B:
PFF's Apple Jax, wins BOSV
Sunday Show A:
PFF's Charlie Brown wins BOSB

Three winners of the weekend are at the top of the post... it was a great weekend visiting with friends and showing fuzzis